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Our Story

All products are´┐Ż

    Brand Name Quality
    Retail Outlet Prices
    Factory Direct NO Middle Men cuts out 2/3rds of the middle men, and that means you get the same quality product at 1/3 of the cost.

4 Step Purchasing:

  1. When You BUY a product at & your purchase order is instantly emailed to a factory floor overseas.
  2. The factory builds, packages, & loads all products onto Containers.
  3. Your products are Ocean SHIPped into the US ground shipping system.
  4. US ground shipping delivers DIRECT to your door step.

Every order is truly: BUY - SHIP - DIRECT

Or, you could use...

12 Step Conventional Purchasing:

  1. Factory Production
  2. Trading Company Handling
  3. Ocean Shipping into US
  4. Importer Warehouse Handling & Storage
  5. Ground Shipping
  6. Distributor Warehouse Handling
  7. Ground Shipping
  8. Retainer Warehouse Handling
  9. Ground Shipping
  10. Retail Store Handling
  11. Customer Purchase
  12. Round Trip Drive & Time

Why pay for all these extra steps?

When you could SAVE at!

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